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As You know mobile phones changed the world and so many people have a smartphone in their pockets and people use them for getting information than personal computers that’s why These days  Website is being accessed on mobile devices more than on personal computers for websites owner to ensure to design your website to be mobile friendly and your all webpages run perfectly in the mobile phone as well and if your website isn’t mobile friendly it’s also effective website ranking on search engines results pages and put bad user experience to your audience.


If you don’t know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not don’t worry here is our tool  Mobile Friendly Test you can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not


What is Mobile Friendly test tool How to Use it?


The mobile-friendly test is one of the bh SEO tools where you can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not which our tool you can simply enter your website URL and get the result in a few seconds.


  • First, copy your website URL and paste it into the box “enter a domain”


  • Click Submit button 


  • Check your result 

1-Page Url

1-Mobile Friendly Score

2-Mobile Screenshot of your WebPage


  • Try New Url 


Why Website Should be Mobile friendly 


If your website is not mobile-friendly and is hard to view on mobile devices and need to use zoom your content and read that makes a bad experience for your users and your user doesn’t want to visit again on your site and that affects your business that's why your website should be mobile friendly its make the better user experience to your audience more 90 per cent of people with smartphone search information from their mobile phones and nowadays mobile is a very important part of our life whatever you’re bloggers content creators or business owners make sure that visitors can have good user experience on your site when they visit from the mobile phone that’s why for SEO prospective website should be mobile friendly for ranking on search I hope you understand why you need to make your website mobile friendly.


How to make your website mobile friendly? 


1- Create a responsive design 


Having a non-responsive website adversely affects your website and your audience, so you need to make a responsive website. It basically means designing your website layout according to the size of your screen. Web browsers can detect whether you are viewing a website on a laptop, mobile, or tablet, and you can display things in a way that is easier to see, usable, and optimized for that device with proper coding. This also helps with SEO because search engines look for and index higher-quality sites. Before you launch your site, make sure it is properly optimized for mobile and desktop devices. 


2- Prioritizing the content: 


When processing findings information, time is a very precious resource. If it's too hard to search through your content, then people may simply leave your website. When someone leaves, it's hard to get them back. For mobile visitors, you need to prioritize how you present content on your website so that they can get information easily they get the most out of their Mobile experience. 


3- Make use of a larger font and bottom and keep it simple 


For mobile users, use at least 14px font size or larger, ideally use standard web fonts or any custom font to keep your site trim and fast-optimized. Mobile devices should have a simple design.


4-Provide a way to switch desktop view option 


Some people like to experience the website on the desktop layout on mobile devices so let's provide options to switch on desktop view and make it accessible to anyone visiting your site desktop view easily.


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