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Upload a picture with a QR code in it and this decoder will try to read it and show the decoded text contents.


decode qr code

As you know Qr code revolutionary technology is very popular nowadays. We need some tools to decode QR codes. Our  QR decoder tool can help you to decode any QR code in a minute it’s a free tool you can use anytime anywhere.


How To Use QR code Decoder Tool


1- Select QR image to Decode


1- Choose File from your device 


2- Click the button to Decode 


4-Get Decoded Result


What is a QR code and How does QR Code Work?


A QR code is a scalable barcode that stores data and the Japanese company Denso Wave Developed the first QR code.


Type of QR code 


Static QR code


Data is encoded directly into a code like numeric data encoded in a barcode. In The static QR code, we can't modify information once it's live which means if any mistake occurs then you need to regenerate a new QR CODE the static code doesn't have expiry once it is generated .once you set QR CODE YOUR WORK DONE it's ideal for store a fixed and sensitive information and scanning activities static QR code not trackable.


We can encode the following data on a Static QR code:


  • URL

  • Text

  • Wifi network access 

  • Preload SMS

  • Email address

  • Phone number 

  • Bitcoin wallet address


Dynamic QR code


In dynamic, data can only be URL. We can change information as many times as we want because the information is not ingrained into the code itself and we can redirect specific information. The main benefit of a dynamic QR code is the ability to gather scanning metrics. But we can get personal information of clients we get only time, place, and device information and you can activate and deactivate code anytime 


Which data we can use On dynamic QR code


  • Website URL

  • Download files

  • Fellow social media

  • Payments

How QR Code Works 

To understand the working mechanism of QR code we need to understand the QR code structure 


Detention Marker 


If you see a QR code there are three detection markers on the QR code and detection markers work to tell the scanner where to start reading the code. Another work of detection marker is to tell the scanner particular QR which data type has been used.

QR code decoder

How to Store data on QR Code


We store data on QR codes in 4 types :


  • Numeric 

  • Alphanumeric

  • Binary 

  • Kanji

Alignment pattern 


You must have noticed this whichever angle you scan the QR code it will be scanned its credit goes to the alignment patron and the alignment patron can be more than one mainly it works to help scanner orientation.

Timing pattern 

The dots you see in the QR code it called timing patron it's working to convert the edges of three deduction markers into an l shape and they tell the scanner which row or column data is stored.


Format information Area


Two types of information are stored in them

Error correction keys

Inside this QR CODE COPY SAVED ON IT if some reason QR CODE DAMAGES with the error correction we can access up to 30 % information 

Masking pattern

Data encryption right here converts data into fictitious value because nobody read QR CODE HIDDEN INFORMATION.



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