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Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator


A Dummy Image Placeholder is a placeholder image that appears while loading the page. You may use dummy images in place of real images on your website if you don't have any images yet. A dummy image placeholder generator is a tool which can generate custom dummy images and you can use them for your work. You will get a image URL you generate with help of tool you can use on your website HTML, CSS , 


How To Use The Dynamic Dummy Image Generator


You can generate a dummy image with a few simple steps.


1-Set Image Size:


Specify the width first, then height. Height is optional. If you’re not specifying height, your image will be square.

For example,

If you select only width 300, then the image will be generated at 300 x 300.


2-Set Background & Text Color:


By default, the color will be gray; to change it, enter a hex code such as #c93296.


3-Select Image format:


The image format is entirely optional.If you’ve not chosen the image format, then the tool will generate the image as a default .


You can use the following image formats:







4-Write Custom Text

You can specify any text for your image by writing the text .


Text is also optional If you’re not typing, any text tool will select the default text "dummy image" to generate images.


Image Preview:

The generated image is also displayed in the image preview, which you can view and modify as needed.


Image Link:


After generating your dummy image now, you can copy the image link and use it anywhere .



How to use dummy image on website :


To use ;


You will get image URL like this: x 700/d5d5d5/630b45/Dumy image


And you can use image in your HTML .CSS like this 


<a href=“”><img src=“ x 700/d5d5d5/630b45/Dumy image”> </a>


The feature of the dummy image placeholder generator by BH SEO Tools


WEBP support


With our tool, you are able to generate a WEBP format image:


HTTPS support:


Your generated image will work with or without https:


Placeholder Logos:


You can generate free logo placeholder mockups to download.


Placeholder text:


You can generate free text placeholders.


Placeholder banner ads:


You can also create dummy banner ads with our tool.


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