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A domain is a website address that is human readable, which means a website contains two things: a domain name and an ip address The domain is an address that connects with the ip address for the purpose of making it humanly readable. IP addresses are numeric values and are hard to memorize, so domain names make it easy for us to remember any favorite website name.


What was the first domain?


In the early age of internet domain names, was registered by a symbolic Massachusetts computer company on March 15th, 1985.


What is a top levels domain?


 The top-level domain, and it is the oldest domain name ever. 


What is different between the top-level and second-level domain



For example, your website name is

There are two parts of the domain. "Spotlight" is referred to as an SLD(Second level domain) is its TLD(top-level domain )



What is the Domains age checker Tool?


The domain age checker tool is one of the BH SEO tools which can help you check the age of any domain.



How to Check domain age using domain age checker.


To check any domain age simply enter the domain name (URL) of any domain that you want to check then click the blue button to get domain age 


The tool will show data,


  • Domain age


  • When domain created 


  • Domain updated date


  • Domain expiry date


Does domain age affect SEO?


Yes, older domain age is more credible than a new domain age.

Domain age is a factor in how long a website has been online. Older domains tend to have higher authority than newer ones. There are many factors that go into determining a site's authority, including backlinks, content quality, etc. However, domain age does play a role in search engine optimization.


Sometimes, news domains rank well compared to old domains because people who search for information online are looking for specific or recent topics. News sites are built for today’s audience, meaning they're optimized for keywords and link building. Search engines consider websites that are still relatively new to be fresher, leading to better rankings than older sites. So...what does this mean for you? If you want your product or service to be seen by potential customers, make sure you invest time and money into building a brand-new website. If you already have a website, keep working on it and monitoring its performance. If you wanna check the domain location here .



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