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In today's world, every webmaster wants to rank their website at the top of search engine results pages, and the main factor should be our content; if your content is unique, you will always have an advantage in ranking your page. We do content optimization. Keyword density is a component of content optimization, and it refers to the percentage of keywords on our web page or content. When we use more keywords density in our content, search engines consider it keyword stuffing if it does not look natural and artificial. That’s why we should check our content keyword density and see if we can make it better and better. If you read your content and keywords look natural and not annoying, then it's fine what percentage you’re using.


How to check keyword density.


Here is the keyword density checker tool by BH SEO.

Where you can see how many of a specific keyword appear on your website or webpage. If you’re writing content, you can simply add your text to the tool, and it will show you your density percentage . Consider For example, if you have 100 words of your content containing 20 keywords, then it is simply your keyword density is 20% .


How to use the keyword density checker!


  • Enter the URL of the page or blog where you want to check the keyword density.


  • Submit:



  1. You will get results like this 
  2. The total keyboard you’re using
  3. And display each keyword density


Check to see if any keywords had a density greater than 5%.If it looks natural, then it is fine. If not, then try to use synonyms for these keywords.


What is best keyword density for better rankings 



Many seo experts recommend a desity of 2,3 percent or below 5%, but there is no standard rule for what percentage should be used. The question came to our mind, "What percentage should we use on our content?" The answer is it depends on your content. If you use keywords naturally in your content, then it doesn't matter what desity you have.


How to control keywords density 



Use keywords naturally its look natural when you read your content and not annoying to readers if 

Keywords looks unnatural then search engines consider it keyword stuffing and its effects your content rankings.


Use synonyms and LSI keywords


LSI keywords are the best way to use keywords without overstaffing. And it's preventing us from increasing density. We can use more alternative synonyms. For example car ,vehicles, 



Target long tail keywords


When we target long tail keywords, you can save from increasing keyword density and overstuffing because when we use long tail keywords, we have more options to use more LSI keywords and make more combinations, which helps to control density .


Keyword proximity 

When we use longtail keywords, we put a gap between keywords, and with this method, our keywords will not get overstuffed.


For example:

Used car in paris


We can use keyword proximity to make it like this :


Buy used but best cars at the best price in paris


Quality content 


If you're writing unique, quality content, then it will take its own place to get rankings and get more engagement. Try to focus on writing content for people, not for search engines ,



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