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generate free QR code

What are QR Codes


Today modern times Qr codes became a popular way to share information about online products and services .in recent times QR codes have been used everywhere in our daily life it became very popular among consumers many people use them to scan items in grocery stores restaurants etc.QR code (Quick Response Code) is the two-dimensional barcode that stores information or data most digital payment platforms use Qr codes for payment users simply scan the  QR code and get details about payer accounts its simple way and time-saving method the Qr Code was invented by Denso Wave Inc., a Japanese company, and released to the public in 1994 early it is used only Denso company later its spread all over the world. QR code allows you to store information in a small area instead of writing down long lists of data.


Type of QR codes 


1- Static QR code - Non-trackable


The static QR is a bar code that is not trackable these codes are mostly seen at events concerts and festivals and any other type of events it’s printed on posters businesses cards and flyers the static QR code people can scan codes without downloading a QR code reader app it's simply scanned by phone cameras it’s basically information containing like text SMS message wifi password and name and static V card. you can easily create static qr code by using with QR Code Generator Tool.


2-Dynamic QR code -trackable 


The Dynamic QR code is a barcode that changes its appearance over time and  dynamic QR codes are traceable we can track information on those kinds of codes like vCard Link, Email, Phone, SMS, File Whatsapp, Cryptocurrency, 

Dynamic QR codes act like wallets as people pay. The QR codes are to change to reflect the currency received. This makes it easy for a user to scan their QR code and see what they've paid.


What is QR code Generator ? 


The QR Code generator is the tool where you can generate a QR code according to your inputs information you can generate a code with any input our QR code generator makes it easy to create a QR code in a few seconds in our tool you can select text URLs BCard Email SMS  and input your size of QR code image and select error correction level then click generate and copy your generated QR code.


 Why Should I Use QR Codes? 


 There are many reasons to use QR codes. Here are just a few:


1. Create a link between your business and customers. Customers can easily find your products and services by scanning the QR code.

2.  Promote events, promotions, or offers. People can scan the QR code to get access to special deals and discounts.

3.  Share contact information. Businesses can create QR codes for their websites, social media pages, and blogs. Customers can then scan the code to connect with them.

4.  Increase brand awareness. By including QR codes on your marketing materials, you can increase the chances of people noticing your message.

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