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URL Rewriting Tool BH SEO 


As you know, a web page is a collection of information and every webpage has a URL address to reach any webpage URL rewrite is the process of modifying any URL while loading a page. 


If you have a website, then you know how annoying it is to type: 

instead of just 


That's where URL rewriting comes in. Url rewriting is a way to make your site easier to navigate and search engines to crawl. You can use a free tool URLs rewrite to do this. 

URL rewriter tool by BH SEO. 


Url rewriting is one of the free BH SEO tools where you rewrite dynamic URLs. Our dynamic URL rewriter tool utilizes Apache's mod_rewrite module in order to transform long complex dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static HTML URLs because static url rank better on search engines results page and static url are load more faster than dynamic URl and and its also easy readable to user understand what information webpages contains.


How To Use URL Rewriting Tool;


  • To rewrite the URL, you must copy and paste the dynamic URL into the text box on the tool.


  • Click submit


The tool takes a few seconds and rewrite the URLs and follow the instructions that the tools show you.


Why should we use static URLs compared to dynamic URLs?


  • Static URL is better than dynamic URLs because ;


  • Static URL rank on SERP better than dynamic URLs


  • Search engine index static URLs faster than dynamic URLs.


  • Static URLs look user friendly than dynamic URLs.


Types o websites:

There are two types of websites ,

1- Statics website 

2- Dynamic website.


Difference between static and dynamic websites.


Statics website :


The static website content is not changeable after development. For example, you develop websites for photography, and you upload images and make logos and designs all at once. When people visit that particular website, they get the same content many times. The website does not have any updates and is called a "static" website. It is primarily a one-page website; most people make websites to show business, not get business from websites .


It is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it's easy to develop and very cheap to develop.


Dynamic websites :


For dynamic websites, content is generated through some server-side languages like, for example, NodeJS, PHP, and MySQL; the best example of dynamic websites is When you open, you will see a lot of videos, and when you refresh the page, you will see another video every time you refresh; videos change dynamically. That is why we said a dynamic website.


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