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What are backlinks?


Backlinks are hyperlinks that point to a website from another website. 


For example;

If your website A URLs present in other websites it's called your website backlinks present on particular websites. Backlinks are very important for websites in SEO prospects they help to grow a website's authority.


Type of backlinks:


Backlinks are your website's links that point to other websites. These links help search engines find your site easily and improve its ranking. There are different types of backlinks, including no-followed backlinks, do-follow backlinks, internal backlinks, and external backlinks.


 No-Follow Backlink;


A No-Follow link is a type of backlink that tells search engine crawlers not to follow the link. A NoFollow link does not pass any value to the destination page.


 Do-follow Backlink;


A Do-Follow link passes some value to the destination page, so search engines will consider it valuable content. Search engines give more weight to pages with a lot of DoFollow links than those without them.


 Internal Link;


An Internal link is a link that points to a page inside your own website. You should use these links sparingly, only if they’re relevant to the topic.


 External Link;


An External link is a link that goes to a page outside your own website. You can get traffic from external links, but you shouldn’t rely on them alone.




You can check backlinks to your website by using our free online tools that check backlinks on your site. It's a free and simple tool to check backlinks.


  • Simply enter the URL of your website or webpage and press submit.
  • The tool will show you how many backlinks there are on your site.


Backlinks in SEO;


Backlinks help search engines find websites relevant to what people are searching for. establishing links in Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number of quality backlinks pointing to other sites. If search engine bots discover that your website has do follow backlinks to another website, they will follow that link and crawl your website as well, making search engines value your website and aiding it in ranking higher in search results. On the other hand, if your website has backlinks from low-quality websites, it may affect your ranking. Therefore, we must prioritize getting high-quality backlinks from as many sites as possible.


How to Get backlinks:


If you’re planning to create backlinks for your site, try to focus on high-quality backlinks. Use our free Moz rank checker tool to determine domain authority and website age before posting content on any website. 


There are ways we can make backlinks easy.


Guest Post:


There are many ways to get backlinks to your site. You can start by writing articles and submitting them to article directories and writing guest posts on blogs related to your niche. You can then submit these posts to blog directories.


Social media ;


An easy way to get backlinks is to create social profiles for yourself. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, , LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. Each profile should have a unique URL associated with it. Once you have created each profile, make sure to add your website’s URL to each page.


Use Quora:


Use Quora to answer people's questions and add your website links between your content its a pretty good way to get free traffic to our website:




Reddit is a pretty good platform to get free traffic to our site. To get free traffic and create backlinks, join Reddit and follow subreddits according to your website niche. Post your content regularly, answer people's questions as well, and add your links in answers.


High-quality content:


Try to create valuable, high-quality content that helps people search queries, and they will get satisfaction after reading your content and getting answers to particular topics. If your content is good, then people suggest your websites and you can get backlinks.


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