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If you don’t know what should be code to text ratio is perfect for your webpage, why should we need to use more text than HTML code Many experts suggest that the code-to-text ratio(HTML-to-text ratio ) should be healthy when it comes to the content displayed on the webpage. We should be using a perfect combination on our website to make it user-friendly. That’s why experts make percentages. We should use them in between those percentages.

Text to-HTML ratio is a very important factor to improve page load speed and get a better user experience on any website. If the coding ratio is high, then the text user doesn’t understand the code. That's why we should need a text with code to tell the user about your content. It is not important for search engines to rank your site, but it is important to provide a good user experience. You can use our free tool where you can check your website's HTML-to-text ratio. It will help you to contain a perfect combination of code and text.


How to use the code-to-text ratio checker tool to check the code-to-text ratio.


The code-to-text ratio is a very relevant SEO factor to speed up a website and make it user-friendly. Checking the code-to-text ratio with our tool is very easy. You need to enter the URL of the webpage into the tool which you want to check and click check. The tool will show the ratio of your code to text and also the textual content size and total HTML size.


What is a perfect HTML to Text Ratio?


When it comes to the perfect code-to-text ratio, it should be between 25–70% of non-visible text between visible elements like tags for getting the perfect user experience on any webpage.



What does low text HTML ratio mean?


The Text-to-HTML Ratio is the percentage of text on the page compared to the total content. Code to text is calculated by dividing the number of characters in the body of the document by the sum of the character counts in the headings, titles, paragraphs, lists, tables, captions, and footnotes. A higher code to text indicates a greater amount of text relative to the content. and low text-to-HTML ratio when we use more HTML than visible text on any webpage.

How can we improve the code-to-text ratio?


We should improve the code-to-text ratio for a better user experience on our website, so we should remove invalid HTML code and remove unnecessary elements like white spaces, tabs, and comments. We should also avoid tables because they create a lot of HTML code, and we can also remove hidden text that is not visible to users. We should compress our images and codes so that the perfect page size is under 300 kb.


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