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On the internet, there are millions of websites, and all websites have databases where their data is stored somewhere. Data centers are the places where website data is stored, and these companies have data centers all around the world, like Digital Ocean. To manage website data, the hosting companies assign a unique IP address to every website. An IP address is an internet protocol to identify machines that are connected to the internet, but we use domain names to visit any website on the internet, and sometimes we need to check the IP address and hosting services location-specific websites that we have bookmarked. We can check in different ways, but we designed a tool where you can get all information about any website in one place, like domain location, IP address, domain hosting company name, hosting server, etc. If you want to check where your competitor's website is hosted, you can check the domain-to-IP mapping of any website by using our free tool.


How to Check website URL to IP address


The domain is the name of websites on the internet. Every domain is connected with a specific IP address that is assigned to websites. Hosting services are provided to every domain, and every website is assigned a unique IP address by hosting companies. The website user, they don’t need the domain IP to search websites, but if you want to check which website is hosted on which IP address, you can use our tool to see all the information about where the website is to be hosted, in which country, and what is its IP address, just by entering the website URL into the tool and you will get Domain Geo-Information like:


  • Domain
  • IP
  • Country Location
  • ISP


Types of IP address:


There are two types of IP addresses that a hosting company can assign to any domain: the first is static and the second is dynamic. 


Dynamic Internet protocol (IP)


The difference between static and dynamic IP addresses can be understood by their names: static IP addresses are not changeable, and dynamic IP addresses are changeable. For example, if a user purchases a hosting package and gets an IP address, they may decide to cancel their service before their next renewal with that particular hosting company, and the company will then assign that IP address to a new user.


Static Internet protocol (IP)


Static IP addresses are unique numbers assigned to each computer or device on a network; they are not changeable as dynamic addresses. For example, we use static IP addresses to manage email-related services on hosting servers.




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