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Class C IP Checker

Enter up to 40 Domains (Each Domain must be on separate line)

How to check IP Address C Class to any domain by using the class C IP checker:


Class C IP Checker is an effective tool to check the class C IP of any domain in a matter of seconds. It is completely free and simple to use, and to check the identity of any domain's class C IP, follow these steps below:


  • Enter up to 20 domains into the tool for bulk entry (each domain must be on a separate line).


  • Click the "Submit" button.


As result Class C IP Checker display:


  • Host:
  • IP:
  • Class C:


What are the IP Classes :


IP addresses are divided into 5 classes using IPV4 standards:: Class A to Class E




What is IP Class A: 

starting to ending with

And class A design for bigger companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft and network portion limits is just first octet  and rest of other 2.3,4 are host octet.



What is IP Class B: 


Its range starts from and ends at, and these IP classes are particularly designed for medium-sized companies:

In class b networks octets limit to first two octets and rest 3,4 are host octets.



What are the Class C IP classes?


Class C:  Range starting from (1100000 in binary) and ending with (11011111 in binary), class C IPs are designed for use by small companies. 


Class C has 24 bits for the network and 8 bits for the host, and in class C, from the 24 bits, the first 3 bits are fixed at 110 with the first zero in the 3rd position, and the rest of the 21 bits are flexible, so we can make more than 2 million network addresses.

And with 8 bits of host, we can make 256 host addresses.

For example if someone gives you the IP address, how can you understand its class? First, we need to find the range from which it starts, then we can understand and see the first start number to its class. Since it starts at 192 and ends at 223, it is a class C.

What is IP class D ?

Class D: Class D starts from and ends with, and these are not used by the public; they are reserved for multicast addressing.


What is IP Address Class E;


Class E: The last class E starts from and ends with, and they are also not used by the public; they are reserved for scientific studies.


Advantages of a class C IP address checker:



  • Its help to identify is the same IP class shared with many domains on shared hosting.


  • It's also helpful to find the duplicate IP address class C blocks.


  • It helps you identify spam sites hosted on the same shared hosting account with the same class C.


  • You can check bulk domains up to 20 domains at once, which can save you time.


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