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What are the search engine spiders and how do they work?


Search engine spiders are software/bots designed by search engines to crawl website content and index it on its results pages. Search engine spiders are becoming more advanced with the passage of time. Google regularly updates its algorithms. In 2022, Google updated its helpful content updates to fight against duplicate and unhelpful content not showing its results. Now Google's main priority is to show people helpful information for their queries.

As Google also updates its spiders, now they can detect any content that Google prohibits, and it will not be indexed.

When we write new content on our site, we submit it to search engines using webmaster tools like Google index and Bing Webmaster for indexing. After indexing, search engine spiders crawl the content and make copies and save it on search engines' databases. When users get any query to search for information, search engines try to show the best content according to user queries. That’s why we need our webpage to be correctly indexed on search engines to deliver for people.


Search engine spiders read web pages differently than we do in browsers. Spiders, like search engine bots, read our information as code and compressed data. They identify data by reading titles, tags, meta descriptions, and page links; they also read headings h1 to h6, and spiders read images by alt text. Spiders cannot always read JavaScript content shown as an image. 


How can we find out what our content looks like to search engine bots? 


With our free search engine simulator tool, you can now see what your website or webpage looks like to search engines. It allows you to explore your website's data from the perspective of a search engine spider; when you enter a web page address into the tool, it will crawl and show the data in compressed forms as crawlers readable, and you can see and check how your website appears to search engine bots. Our tool is supposed to work similarly to Google bots.




The search engine bots simulator is an intelligent online tool that works like a google bot to simulate any website data and show your full results of how your website contents look for a search engine crawler. It's a free tool at your fingertips to simulate any website in a minute.




Using the bots simulator tool is very easy. 

Follow the step:


  • Enter a URL of your website or website;


  • Click Submit ;


The tool will take a few seconds and show you these results in detail:


1-Meta Content

2-H1 to H4 Tags

3-Indexable Links

4-Readable Text Content

5-Source Code


How many search engines are there besides Google?


There are some popular search engines besides Google:


Bing Search engines:


Bing is Google's biggest competitor by Microsoft and has approximately 30-35% US internet searches coming from Bing.



Baidu Search engine:


Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. It accounts for roughly 85% of all Chinese internet searches.


Yandex search engine:


Yandex is a Russian search engine that is very popular in Russia. Before 2022, approximately 50% of Russians will use Yandex and another 50% will use Google.


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