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For getting good responses from search engine results pages, our website should be responsive to all devices; it should work perfectly on every device, so it will benefit us to get a proper ranking on Google and Bing. To make your work easier, BH SEO Tools brings you an efficient tool where you can check the different screen resolutions of your website on different devices. You don’t need to check your website individually, one by one, with our webpage screen resolution simulator. You can check all screens' resolutions in one place just by entering your website URL, and it's a completely free and user-friendly tool you can use anytime, anywhere. And secondly, when we develop a new site, we need to check our website's screen response for this. And when we develop a new website, we need to check how it performs at different screen resolutions as well. SEO Tool provides a tool that allows you to test all types of responsiveness in one place by simply entering your website URL. It takes a long time to test each device individually, so we created a tool called a "webpage resolution simulator" that allows you to test your website in multiple resolutions in one place, saving you time.


The following are the resolutions that can be tested using our website's screen resolution simulator:


  • 10" notebook, 12" notebook, and 13" notebook
  • Notebook, 15′′ Notebook, 19′′ Desktop, 20′′ Desktop, 22′′ Desktop, 23′′ Desktop, 24′′ Desktop,


  • Tablets: Kindle HD 7′′, ASUS Nexus 7′′, Apple iPad, Samsung Tab 7′′, Kindle Fire HD 8.9′′, Apple iPad Pro, MS Surface


  • Mobiles: All mobile phones that support resolutions from 160 x 160 pixels to 1600 x 1200 pixels.


  • SmartTV: 480p, 720p, FHD, WQHD, 4K UHD


Our main focus is to save website designers time so they can check all important screen resolutions in one place without any hassle.


How to check website screen resolutions by using the screen resolution checker


Simply enter your website URL into the tool to test the screen resolution of your webpage.


Select Screen Resolution:


  •   160x160 Pixels


  •   320x320 Pixels


  •   640x480 Pixels


  •   800x600 Pixels


  •   1024x768 Pixels


  •   1366x768 Pixels


  •   1152x864 Pixels


  •   1600x1200 Pixels


Click Check,


A new window will be opened according to your selected resolution.


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