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Email security is the most important aspect to protect us from cyber attack. Most of the time hackers try to send emails with malicious scripts when a person opens them, and then hackers access personal data, so protecting email security should be the priority of today. Because the same website is an online tool, hackers are always looking for innocent people to steal from, which is why they are always trying to attack websites where they can steal visitors' data and use illegal activities, so every website owner needs to keep an eye on the security of the website and take action before things get worse.Email privacy is one of the main factors in any website's security.

Email privacy is essential for any website's security. Every website owner should keep an eye on any unwanted email on the website. To make your website secure, we designed a tool called an "email privacy checker" that can check any unwanted email on your website and aims to protect your site from spam and malicious emails. Our tool is completely free to use, and you can use it to check the privacy of any website or email without installing any software.

If any spam emails register on our site, it has a negative impact on our site because they may contain malicious scripts that can harm our site. We need to regularly check our website email privacy to protect ourselves from malicious and spammers, which is why our free tool is valuable for you to check website email and remove as soon as possible before it causes a problem on your website.


How to detect any website suspicious email by using email privacy checker.


If you are unsure whether your websites contain spam or malicious emails, you can check with the help of our free tool by following these steps below:



  • Enter your website URL into the box


  • Click Submit 


  • Get results 


Status: No email found! Your website doesn’t have any suspicious email


If you found any emails you can remove from your website script.


How to protect email privacy:


Today, email is the most useful tool for sharing information; therefore, email is a tool where hackers can try to attack through emails. Everyone needs basic information to protect themselves from any type of cyber attack; we need to start with protecting our email addresses. I will share some valuable tips that can help you protect yourself from phishing emails. .


Some habits you should develop if you want to protect your email privacy.


  • Do not click any link if you have received it attached to an email from any unknown source.


  •  Always use strong passwords that include numbers, special characters, and capital and lowercase letters.


  •  Always log out and remove emails from your browser if you have opened your email address on other devices.


  •  Do not share your personal information with anyone, even a random person.


  •  Always use and keep two-factor authentication enabled.


  • Keep on mobile phone verification 


  • Do not use the same password when registering for any online service.


  • Keep your email and web browsers up to date.


  • Avoid registering an unprotected website without HTTPS.


  • Change your email passwords on a regular basis to protect yourself from hackers. 

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