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Free website BackLinks analyzer by BH SEO Tools; 


Link research is a critical component of SEO; whether it's your domain, subdomain, webpage, or a competitor's website, you need a perfect tool that allows us to easily analyze backlinks. Use our free link analyzer tool to analyze backlinks to your website or your competitors' sites.


For SEO, only quality backlinks can be beneficial for our site and, on the other hand, link spamming can affect our site. To avoid low quality links, we should regularly audit our website backlinks and regularly analyze website links. To make it possible, our tool provides a place where you can audit your website links easily.


How to Analyze Backlinks By using the Link Analyzer Tool:


To use the link analyzer tool, you need to enter a particular website or web page URL into the tool which you want to analyze and click submit. The tool takes a few seconds to show your results instantly. It shows you total links ,inbound and outbound likes, and also shows no follow links details as well.


Link analyzer is an effective tool to audit your internal external links as you know backlinks are vote trust to any search engine to rank our site and it's also a great way to drive traffic to any website so we need to make sure our website links should on credible places that make its valuable links while link analysis we understand which our website link presents and we can remove if they have present low credible places.


The advantages of using a link analyzer tool by BH SEO Tools 


Internal link analyzer:


On-page linking is one of the major SEO practices in which page link building we link our webpage to each other to help search engine crawlers reach all pages on your site. Our Tool also analyzes internal links and shows you the number and other details.


External link analyzer:


Same to on-page links off-page links are very valuable to any website it’s helpful to grow websites authority and getting more visitors to any website our tool also analyzes outbound links and show the detail where any website link presented on any other website so we can analyze easily with the tool and make our backlinks more credible to our sites.


Show the Backlinks Quantity:


As we already know, values of link building and the quality of blinks with high quantity make our link building more credible Our tool shows the quantity of the links after analysis and shows the details of how many on-page and off-page links we have on our websites.


Show Do-Fellow & No-follow links:


Links have two different types: do-fellow backlinks and no-fellow links and do-follow links are more beneficial than no fellow in no-follow links search engines crawler fellows  those particular links and reached mentions on webpages and crawled them as well. No fellow links also have value but search engines crawled give it value but not fellow that particular links the link analyzer tool also shows how many total fellow and no fellow links are on your site and we can make more fellow backlinks than no fellow.


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