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how to find broken links

What are broken links:


A broken link is a web page of any website that can’t be found and accessed by a user for different reasons. For example, if a user types our website's URL into their browser, they will receive an error message stating "not found" or "page not available" because our website link is broken. 


What are the Reasons for broken links:


1-Change URL


The first reason is a broken link when we change the URL of our webpage and the old webpage url gets a broken link, when someone tries to search for the old URL, it gets an error message. Most of the time, when we optimize our URLs to be SEO-friendly, the old URLs we had that got broken. 


2-Change Url without redirection


When we change any URL, we should properly redirect our old URL to the new updated one. We can use 301 redirections to permanently redirect our old URL to the new one without having redirection links get broken.


3- Deleted webpage 


If you create a page and after some time you delete that particular page after deleting the webpage, your website still contains that link, and maybe that webpage has backlinks somewhere, or someone may have the actual url of that page when a user visits via that link, then they get an error.


4- Content or post deleted 


Consider deleting a video, pdf, image, or any other type of content from your website. Maybe someone has the URL of the deleted file when they try to visit it and then it shows an error "not found."


5-External broken links


If your webpage has external links, if for any reason that website or webpage is deleted or changed URL, then the external links will show as broken. To resolve this, we need to remove that broken link from our content.


6- Misspelling Urls


Misspelling is the biggest reason for broken links. If any users write the wrong spelling of your webpage, then they will get an error message "Not Found". For this, we use 404 redirections. If any user puts the wrong address of our website /web pages into their browser, they will reach our website's 404 error page.



How to check Broken links:


To check broken links on any website use our free tool broken link finder ;




The Broken Links Finder is one of the BH SEO tools where you can check your website's links status. The tool will show all your website links and if any links are broken, you can check and solve it.


How to use broken link finder;




Step2: Enter the URL of the website where you want to check the links.


 Step 3: Click on the “Submit ” button.


 Step 4: Check the link status 


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