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Any website domain or IP address that has been involved in suspicious activities such as phishing attacks, malicious activities, or any type of cybercrime and has been reported is considered a blacklist spam domain.

If your website appears on a blacklist database, it is bad for your website and may affect your web traffic. If anyone opens your website with antivirus software, notify them that your website is suspicious because antivirus software and email clients use blacklist databases.

Here's how to keep your domain from appearing in the blocklist database: Make certain that you are not sending spam email, and exercise caution when sending URL links to clients via email.



To check your website blacklist is very important because if your website is blacklisted, then your website visitors will feel secure visiting your website. We designed a blacklist lookup online tool where you can check any domain appearing on the blacklist database, and the tool will show you if your website is blacklisted or not. It's a free service that checks your domain from various blacklist data bases to see if your domain or IP address appears on any blacklist data base. If your website appears on any blacklist data base, you should work to get it whitelisted before suffering further losses.


How to check any domain blacklist by using our tool:


  • To check any website, enter the website URL into the tool.


  • Click Submit :


The tool will show data from more than 26 SPAM database servers if your domain and IP address is listed or not :


What happened if domain found on blacklist data :


If you found your website on a blacklist database it affects your website badly search engines downgrade its ranking because it will appear on blacklist sites and you will lose your organic traffic 


How to see if a website is blacklisted by Google:


To make sure your website is not blacklisted by Google, you can check by using the Google Transparency Report. You need to enter the website URL into the tool and run a search. You will get results if your website is safe to browse.


  • Open Google's transparency report


  • Enter your website URL into the "Check site status" search field.


  • Submit your search to view the report.



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