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Suspicious Domain Checker

Enter up to 20 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

When you visit any webpage to get information, make sure it's a safe place before giving personal information to any site. Our data matters a lot to us today on the internet. For example, if you give data to any suspicious websites, it’s dangerous for you. You may face pitching attacks or hackers using your data illegally. That's why before internet browsing  we need to keep ourselves safe .




We designed a tool which can check suspicious websites. You can use our tool to check any website before signing up on it. Our tool works smartly to check all over the internet. If any website is involved in suspicious activity, our tool will show you in the results.






You can check up to 20 domains at once.


Enter domain. Each domain must be on a separate line.


Click the blue button Submit


The results show a safe site and a suspicious site.


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