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RGB to Hex

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Hexadecimal Color Codes


The hexadecimal system was developed in 18th century England. Color codes are used to identify colors in digital images, videos, text, and graphics. In addition, they are used to describe colors in printed materials.


For example, FF0000 means red, 00FFFF means yellow, 0000FF means blue, 000000 means black, and C0C0C0 means white.                       

Color Name: Hex  (R, G, B)  
Black  #000000    (0,0,0)


White  #FFFFFF   (255,255,255)  
Red    #FF0000  (255,0,0)  
Lime     #00FF00  (0,255,0)  
Blue   #0000FF (0,0,255)  
Yellow  #FFFF00   (255,255,0)  
Cyan   #00FFFF (0,255,255)  
Magenta    #FF00FF   (255,0,255)  
Gray  #808080  (128,128,128)  
Maroon    #800000  (128,0,0)  
Olive    #808000 (128,128,0)  
Silver   #C0C0C0  (192,192,192)  
 Green    #008000  (0,128,0)  
Purple     #800080  (128,0,128)  
 Teal    #008080   (0,128,128)  
  Navy  #000080   (0,0,128)  





What is hex (hexadecimal color )?


The hex color system was introduced in the 18th century in England. The Hexadecimal color system is based on the number and  Hexadecimal numbers are composed of six sets of four digits each. Each digit represents a different value.


The first two digits represent the red-green color values (0-15), 


The third two digits represent blue-yellow color values (0-31) and the


The last two digits represent black-white color values (0-255).




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