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What is Google webpage cache data:


To rank any webpage on Google, it first needs to be indexed and cached by Google. After writing any webpage content, we first try to index it on Google. How it works When we submit a webpage to Google Search Console, first Google bots crawl the webpage, make a copy of it, and cache it on their servers. Google cache is a backup snapshot of each webpage; if the current page is unavailable, Google will serve it from cached data. It is critical that any web page already cached by Google load faster to serve; even if the webpage is currently unavailable, users can always access the cached version.

When a user searches for information in their browser, Google will display results from cached data that is already on their servers; if webpages are inaccessible for any reason, users can still use the content of those webpages by using cached versions.



Google cache checker by BH SEO Tools:


Google updates webpages cashes in a few days when a bot crawls to any webpage how do you know the actual date and time google snapshot any webpage here is our Google cache viewer is a free online tool where you can check if any webpage is indexed and cashed by google or not just by entering webpages URLs and you can also check Bulk Webpages once on our tool. And tool also shows when the date and time when google updates your web page cache and when last visited it.


To use Google webpage cache checker is very simple:


  • Enter up to 20 Links (Each Links must be on separate line)


  • Click Submit


Tool will show data like;

When the Last date Google visited and updates cached any particular webpage.


When does Google update cached pages:


When we submit any webpage URL on Google Search Console to index on Google, the Google bot crawls the webpage data, takes snapshots of each page, and saves them on their server as a Backup. If the current page isn't available, Google will show the cached version to users, and if the webpage you're trying to visit loads slowly or isn't responding, the cached version will help you visit the webpage faster, and you can get information instantly because that web page is already cached.

Google periodically updates every webpage's cache data, so when the Google bot crawls a website, it takes the most recent snapshot of that webpage. According to Google, if a webpage is not cached by Google, it does not imply that the content of the webpage is poor, nor does it affect the webpage's performance in search results.


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