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What are backlinks

 we are going to discuss backlinks and why backlinks are so important these days all answers, you will get here and enough information about backlinks.


Note: The most important thing is to understand the foundations of backlinks some people directly jump in process of backlinks they just want to know how to make backlinks without understanding the concept of why we need backlinks and how many types of backlinks etc.

For example when people make backlinks without understanding the foundation with time the way they made backlinks get outdated then they didn't understand and search for other methods and learn from the start 


In this article, I am trying to make strong your foundation of backlinks to understand why google gives vantage to backlinks and Is google gives vantage to all backlinks. There are a lot of questions like that when you will get an answer to all these then you will go make a backlink then you understand whether this backlink is valuable for me or not is it good for you or not.



Note: Google loves two things one is relevance and 2nd is the authority 


On the point Now we discuss what is exactly backlinks are!


Whether we say the process of creating a backlink or off-page or inbound link it's all the same thing, Now let's try to understand what is backlink lets's assume you have a website ( this is your website URL there are many websites on internet Consider another website with a page digital marketing ( marketing ) on their page content your website URL mentioned anywhere then we can say our website “demo1” one backlink present on “demo2” webpage simply this is called a backlink. If you look on the Internet, when you visit a website, you see links to other websites mentioned on their pages.


How backlinks look 


<a href=“”>Digital marketing </a>





Why is a backlink needed?


1- Even in today's times, the Google algorithm considers backlinks as a vote of trust or recommendation, or reference.


For example ( ) is our website it contains a page name “a” it's a link presented on other websites,demo2, demo3, demo4, 


When Google's coral comes and crawls these websites, it will see that there is a link to your website, and it will think that this website is being talked about on the Internet or this website is popular. That is why the other website talked to it, then when google crawls visits the other website, google sees your link on third and fourth websites, as well so google thinks that many people are recommending it and In Google's eyes, your website authority will be filled then google will move your website on top 


The question is that websites that have more backlinks have more chances of ranking high Has anyone ever tested the below graph of backlinks shows about ranking and backlinks 



According to a backlinko study they have tested which website has more backlinks high chance of their ranking getting higher.

how make backlinks


We are here  talking about only good backlinks that can improve your ranking all backlinks are not the same if you have made 10 backlinks it doesn't mean all backlinks carry the same value some or good some are bad we can't say exactly all are good or bad 


What makes Good backlinks 


We already mentioned There are good and bad backlinks it’s meant first we need to understand what is the definition of good backlinks if your backlink on another website which condition you can say it good or bad there are 5 factors of Good backlinks mentioned below 



If your  backlink present on a website is the same as related to your content or the same niche its a relevant backlink for example if your website is about Marketing content and the backlinks of your website presented on the same niche or related content webpage it will make your backlink relevance 


2-Uniquenesses of backlinks from the domain:


That is if you create too many backlinks from the same domain, its value decreases.

If you create backlinks from the same domain over and over again, Google will think that the person is recommending it over and over again.


3- Natural placement of backlinks


It should not happen again and again the backlink is posted at the same place its placement should be natural should be between the statements, It shouldn't look like you forced placement 


4- Rich anchor text


Place your backlink in the right place where it looks natural You have to see that your anchor text is also relevant


A backlink can also send traffic to your website:


A lot of people don't give it importance  they think backlinks are only for their users think if your backlink is placed on a website that already has good traffic there is a high chance The traffic from there will come to your website and if your backlink on the website already authorized then your backlink consider good as well 



When you go to build your backlinks, you will see two ways to build backlinks

1- do-fellow 

2- no -fellow 

Whenever you study any website backlink profile/backlink data then you will some do-fellow and some no-fellow these are types of backlinks. Whenever you go to build backlinks, you should understand how many do-fellow and how many no-fellow backlinks you need to make I will write new articles about the type of backlinks today we are only talking about the basic foundation of backlinks.


Do we need backlinks today?


Yes, even in today's time we need backlinks are a very important factor in SEO and maintaining your ranking 


Do we rank our website without backlinks?


Yes we can rank websites even without backlinks if you can rank your website with low-competition keywords with Good On-page SEO

Simply write your content in low-competition keywords it will rank after the index, it will take little time to index your page.




In today’s time, the number of backlinks does not matter the quality of backlinks matter

If you maintain the quality of backlinks with the number of backlinks then it will be icing on the cake always try to build quality backlinks with a maximum quantity 









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