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What is a search engine? How it works, Worlds top search engines.

08/13/2022 12:00 AM por Admin em Serch engine

what is search engine


What is a Search Engine? Importance and Top Search Engine in The World.


In this article, we are going to talk about, what is a search engine and why a search engine so important and what are the top search engines in the world. I will share my knowledge about search engines


What is a search engine?


Search engines is a software system that is designed to search the information from all around the world wide web according to user queries when users search for any queries on the search engine it will check related information on the world wide web database and present the related answers according to date stored on Web. The importance of search engines is increasing day by day, because of the fact that the majority of internet users use search engines to find information and content that they need.


Importance of search engines


Let's talk about what our life would be like if there was no search engine for example if you want to search for the price of an iPhone 13 you will simply write on Google price of iPhone 13 it will show you many options and you will get the information according to your query else If there is no search engine, how do you know on which website the price of the iPhone is written? In such a case, you have to write the exact Url of a particular website on your web browser, now we have search engines that directly write any queries on search engine we can get information easy and fast without search engine It would be difficult to remember the address of each website, Just like we used to remember phone numbers in the past. And also you had to remember which website contains which information I think it would have been more difficult. With using of Search engines we can do things easily and quickly.


If you thought google is the only search engine then you were wrong there are many search engines there around the world that exist here is the list of search engines.

The top search engines around the world

the top search engines in the world


The Google search engine is the top search engine in the world. It is used by billions of people every month to find information on the Internet. Google has 4.3 billion users on its platform google had approximately its covers 92 % market share in April 2022.



Yahoo is a web search engine that is powered by Bing. The Yahoo search engine is one of the most popular email providers and its web search engine.



Bing search engine is google's biggest competitor approximately  33 to 35 % of US searches by Bing and it also powers yahoo.




Baidu is very popular in China approximately 85% market share covered by the Baidu search engine in China




Yandex Is Russia's popular search engine, About 50% of people use Google, and 50 % use Yandex in Russia


Duck Duck Go


This is another type of search engine it is used by people who want to protect their privacy. This search engine has not stored any type of user data this is perfect for those who have privacy concerns. It doesn’t track you.

How does a search engine work

If you’re thinking search engine work like when you search something on google go and search website and show results for you but when you type any keyboard before that google already played an important role after it will show you results .Now will discuss step by step how search works


The Search Engines work in 3 Steps


1- Crawler 

You already know there are tons of data already exists on the internet millions of terabytes when any creator upload data like blog images and websites webpages or creator changes anything exciting data So in such a way google crawler crawl all data examine all data which content were placed and put all data to save to google local server here we are talking about google as examples every search engine works same way after saving data to local server.



After the data has been saved on a local server the indexer starts to index the local server’s data and divides it into data into different categories, simply we can say the indexer do categorize data from the local server from which Google can give related results to its users, So this is indexer work. 

3-Ranking Algorithm

The 3rd step is the ranking algorithm when any user search for anything on their browser the algorithm check indexed data from the local server and shows results according to user queries .this is how a search engine works.

When you search anything on your browser you got results on to page it's called the search engine results page (SERP), all SERP results are decided by Ranking algorithms which page is shown on the top. I hope you understand now  how a search engine works



The search engine has made our life easier we can easily find answers to our queries from different places we can compare information from different sources. 




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