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If you own a website, you've probably heard about moz rank, page authority, and domain authority, which are used to determine how well a website performs on search engines. Moz rank is the best way to check a website's popularity. We should be clear about one thing: moz rank isn't a website ranking factor; if a website already performs well on search engines, it will increase moz rank, page authority, and domain authority score. 


What Is Mozrank Checker by Bh SEO Tools?


Moz rank checker is a free tool designed by BH SEO that determines any website popularity and gives a score of 0-10, a page authority score of 0-100, and a domain authority score of 0-100 after considering various factors. Our tool is simple to use and checks any website and gives you real-time data about moz rank, page authority, and domain authority. You can check all three with one tool. 


You can check any site before making backlinks. Backlinks from high-authority websites help us rank on search engines, whereas backlinks from low-authority websites can be dangerous. For this reason, our tool is the best place to check any site before making any backlinks to it, and you can save a lot of your valuable time.


How to determine the MozRank domain authority, page authority, and MozRank score using the MozRank Checker


To check any website's Moz rank, page authority, and domain authority in one place, you can use our free tool, which is very simple to use. 


To check any website Follow the instructions below:


  • Input the website address into the tool.


  • Press submit 


  • Get results like;


Domain    my website .me

MozRank    0-10

Page Authority Score    0-100

Domain Authority Score    0-100

A higher score shows more popularity of any site 


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