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What Alexa Rank Checker By BH SEO Tools 

The Alexa rank checker is an online tool by BH Seo Tools where you can check the current position of any website on the Alexa rankings system like Global Rank What country has your most popular website, and what is your regional ranking?

With deep knowledge of web analytics, This tool was developed by qualified people. This is a reliable tool with accurate results. You can trust its ranking system.


How To use Alexa Rank Checker By BH SEO Tools


1-Enter the URL of the website you want to check

2-Click Submit 

3- The tool will show your result immediately 


Alexa Rank Checker shows you the following results 


1-Global Rank- tool analyzes the global website and then show your website Rank


2-Popularity Of Your website,s Country:


The tool shows you results on which country your website is most popular and which country you have more traffic 


3- Regional Rank: 


The tool also shows results of your website rank in that country.


How does Alexa rank checker work?


When you enter the URL of the Alexa checker tool, The tool will provide you with a list of statistics about your site. These stats include things like how much traffic on your site in the past 3 months, what countries most of your visitors come from, and how long they spend on your site. Alexa then uses these numbers to calculate a score between 0 and 10,000 for your site. The Alexa Rank checker computes the average number of visitors your site gets per day and compares it to the number of daily visits to other sites. Based on this comparison, Alexa calculates a score for your site. The higher the score, the more popular your site is.


Feature of Alexa Rank checker 


  • Free Tool

The Alexa Rank Checker is a free tool that measures how popular a website is in a seconds 

  • Fast results:

The Alexa Rank checker is a very fast tool when you input the URL of any site tool shows your results in seconds.

  • Rank measure 3 metrics 

The Alexa rank checker measures how your site is globally ranked, regionally ranked, and in which country your website is most visited.

An Alexa Rank is a metric that measures how popular a website is based on its traffic and engagement. A higher Alexa rank means that a site gets more visitors and is more engaging than others. You can use Alexa's ranking tool to find out which websites are most popular among users.


Why should I care about my Alexa ranking?


If you have a small business, you probably don't need to worry about Alexa rankings. However, if you run a blog, news outlet, or even a personal website, you might want to keep tabs on your Alexa ranking. Your Alexa ranking shows how well-known your site is in relation to other competitors. A high Alexa ranking means that your site attracts lots of visitors and, therefore, you stand a good chance of making some money off of it.


 What else can Alexa rank checker tell me?


Alexa rank checker you can check any website rank and lets you compare your site's Alexa score to your competitor sites. You can view your Alexa scores alongside those of other sites, and see who has the highest scores. Then you can improve your site and gain more ranking compared to your competitor.


How can I get started using Alexa rank checker?


To start using the Alexa rank checker, simply enter the URL of the page you would like to check. Once you've entered the URL, click on 'Submit ' to begin. Alexa rank checker takes just a few seconds to complete its calculations and display results.


 Is Alexa rank checker safe?


Yes! Alexa rank checker is completely free and anonymous. There is no risk involved in checking your Alexa rank. All information provided by the Alexa rank checker remains private and confidential.


What is Does still work? is owned by Amazon and it’s different from Alexa you’re familiar with. focuses on moderating a website's popularity and ranking and it's the most popular website to choose a top-rank site from millions of websites. 1st may 2022 stopped their services after two decades of helping but you can check Alexa's ranking on our platform.


What is the number 1 Alexa rank?

Google is number one in Alexa's rank

Global Rank.  :    1

Popularity at:  United States

Regional Rank:    1


If you want to know the SEO score of your website, simply click here. Once the URL is entered, press the 'Check Now button. After checking your websites, you'll get a detailed report about your sites to view your report or download a PDF to your device.


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