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If you want to rank your site on the search engine results page, then make sure Google regularly crawls your content multiple times, especially when you add new content to your site. The crawler is software. It's working differently and it determines how often search bots should crawl each site to make the crawler work easier. We use sitemap.xml to tell search engine crawlers which content should be needed to crawl and index. 


How to check the sitemap.xml file?


To check if your website has a sitemap.xml file or not, simply enter your website url/sitemap.xml in the browser. If you get any file, then you already have a sitemap file. If not, don’t worry, you can generate one with our free sitemap generator tool.



What is sitemap.xml by BH SEO tools:


A sitemap.xml is a file on our website to tell search engines about our website map to make it easy for search engines to understand our website content and help indexes. Sitemap.xml is a file that contains URLs to all of your website pages. You can use sitemap.xml to help search engines find and index your site's content. You can create a sitemap.xml file manually, or you can use our tool to automatically generate it for you using our free XML Sitemaps generator.


How to generate sitemap.xml for any website by using a sitemap.xml generator?


The sitemap.xml is a file where we put information about our whole website URLs to tell search engines to crawl the webpage more efficiently you can generate sitemap.xml by using our free tool Sitemap.xml generator is a free tool where you can generate the sitemap.xml for your website tool able to generate the quality sitemap for your website.




This tool generates sitemaps for websites. You can use it to generate sitemaps for any website follow the steps below;


1- enter your website domain which you want to generate a sitemap.xml file.


Modified date:


Select frequency:


Select priority 


Select how many pages you want to crawl 


Click Generate site map:


Download the generated file and upload your website's root folder.


Why do we need a sitemap.xml:


If you think without a site map, Google can’t crawl your site, then you’re wrong. Google can discover most websites even without a site map. The question is then why do we need a sitemap.xml file if Google can crawl any website? The answer is that we need to use a site map.xml file for proper linking to navigate search engine crawlers which pages need to be indexed. A sitema.xml  file is more beneficial for bigger websites to set specific pages to be indexed.


Which websites need site map.xml?


If our website is very large and has more data, or if our new website doesn’t have internal linking, or if any website has a lot of media files, then these websites need sitemap.xml .


Which sites don’t need sitemaps?



According to Google, if our website is small and we use internal linking to our site and our site doesn’t have too much data, then we don’t need a site map and it’s optional we can use it.


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