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What is domain authority? 


The domain authority shows the score by Moz rank which indicates how your website will rank on the search engine results page the domain authority's lowest ranking score is 1 and the highest is 100 high-rank show better authority of your website. 


  • Domain authority ranking score below 40 it’s considered Poor


  • A Score Between 40-50 is considered average 


  • A score Between 50-60 consider Good


  • A Score Above 60 is considered excellent 


The domain authority results depend on these factors.


1-How old is your website is


This means how many years old your website is


2-Number of backlinks

More unique backlinks increase your website authority 


3- Internal linking structure 


Internal website linking Website structure

 also increases website authority 


4-Website load speed


Website load speed also affects website authority  minimum load speed increase it


5- Number of people engaged in your posts


More people engage with your website content. It's incredibly increasing authority like comments on blog posts and social sharing etc.


Mobile friendly:


Your website should be mobile-friendly for better ranking on search engines 




Our domain authority checker is one of our BH SEO tools where you can check your website domain authority. It is fast, free, and uses Moz rank API to show results in seconds, and you can check up to 20 links simultaneously.


How to Use domain authority checker tool


  • Enter your links into the box you can enter up to 20 links with separate lines 


  • Click submit button


  • Check your Results:


How can we increase website Domain authority?


Create Unique and Quality Content it should be for people 


Your content should be unique and its for people first, people feel satisfaction after reading your content try to make the content as your audience desires keep in mind unique and good content means high domain authority recently google updated the algorithm to fight against poor content now your first propriety to focus on the content you create is valuable and unique only if your content is valuable then possibly more chance to rank to search engine faster.


On-page & Of page- SEO


After valuable content, the second important part is the on-page SEO and which is also an important factor to rank your website on search engines results pages use keywords properly don’t do keyword stuffing.


Increase your website speed


Your website speed is very important for ranking if people can reach your website fast and properly high chance they get engaged with your content  Frequently.


Mobile friendly 


Nowadays most people use mobile phones for their online presence  Your website should be mobile-friendly it improves the better users experience and also increases your ranking 


High-quality backlinks


More high-quality backlink increases your ranking no doubt backlinks are a very important factor for high ranking and removing low-quality backlinks may affect your website 


Improve Internal linking structure 


Internal page linking is a good way to migrate your traffic to all of your website content with internal linking makes the internal structure of your website creative. 


People Also ask:


What is a good DA score?


The domain authority score is between 1 to 100 if your score is below 40 it’s considered poor and between 40 to 50 it’s considered average between 50 to 60 it’s considered Good and above 60 is a fantastic score.


What is Domain Authority checker?


A domain authority checker is a tool where you can check your website,s DA score in a second the tool use Moz rank API to examine results simply put your URLs on the box and click submit and it will show the DA rank score in a second.


How do I improve my DA score?


Creating high-quality backlinks and high-quality unique content and good on-page,  off-page Seo and your website's internal linking structure might improve ranking and your DA score as well.


Do backlinks build authority?


Yeah, for sure backlinks increase your authority focus to use only high-quality backlinks only from high-authority websites now days your main priority is your content should be unique and valuable after considering other factors. 


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