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best privacy policy generators

What is Privacy Policy 


A privacy policy is a statement on your website or App that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data. It fulfils a legal requirement to protect a customer or client's privacy and also describes how they can control it.


Why Privacy policy on your Website or App is important 


There are three reasons why having a privacy policy for your website or app is important. 


  • First, it helps to build trust with users by being transparent about how their data will be used. 


  • Second, it can help to prevent legal issues down the line by setting out clear guidelines for how user data should be handled. 


  • Finally, a privacy policy can help deter cyber attacks by clarifying that your site or app takes data security seriously.


Overall, a privacy policy is a vital part of every website or App


Free Privacy Policy Generator


​​You can generate a privacy policy for your website or App by using Privacy Policy Generator Tool. Your privacy policy is generated in minutes with the tool, which is very easy to use and free.


How to use Privacy Policy Generator 


To generate a privacy policy you need to put some information about your website or app


1-Website /App details 


  • Your company name

  • Your website name

  • Your website URL


2- Answer these Questions  (Yes or No)


  • Do you show Ads on your website through Google Adsense? 


  • Do you show advertisements through 3rd parties? 


  • Do you use cookies on your website? 


3-Your Privacy policy Generated


4-Copy Clipboard or Download as HTML


Preview Your privacy policy 


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Privacy Policy Generator FAQs


Answers to the most popular questions about our Privacy Policy Generator.


Is the Privacy Policy Generator free to use?


Yes it's completely Free to use you can  generate a privacy policy for your website or App 


Can I copy-paste the Privacy Policy?


Yes you can copy the clipboard or we provide HTML code you can copy-paste easily 


Can I include GDPR or CCPA text in my Privacy Policy?


Yes you can generate a privacy policy including GDPR or CCPA text 


FAQs People Also Ask


What is a policy generator?


A privacy policy generator is a free tool that can help you to generate the privacy policy for your website or app


Is the privacy policy generator safe?


Yes privacy policy generator is entirely safe for use


How do I add a privacy policy to my website?


First, you need to create a page on your website give its name to the privacy policy and then you can generate your privacy policy with help of our privacy policy generator tool and then copy and paste to the page you created for the privacy policy and publish it.


How can I create a privacy policy for my website for free?


With help of our Privacy policy generator Tool, you can create Free privacy policy for your website in a minute 


Do I need a privacy policy for my website?


Yes, the privacy policy is significant for every website to build trust with users and businesses,


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